the best photo

the best photo


april 24th

Brand Background

Total Resort wear

Resort wear¬†is a specialized clothing style, for vacations. Sometimes it is known as “cruise wear”, it was originally marketed by “upscale” stores and collections only to very affluent customers who were expected to spend more money for luxurious vacation.

 However, the popularity of resort wear is growing up. And it is not about Hawaiian palm tree printed shirts anymore. It has become a cross-cultural style that signifies relaxation, affluence, and appreciation of nature which portrays a sense of style to the wearer. It is casual, yet very fashionable.

 The style has already been the subject of small runway shows such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, and Tommy Bahama. And now, other leading designers are now jumping onto the stream too. Chanel,Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, John Galliano, Matthew Williamson, Anna Sui, Prada and many other designers have shown resort wear in their collections.


 By the more people want to go vacation and look sophisticated, we are going to make a brand which meet the needs. 



Art-492f Statement

Brand Statement

‚ÄúGoing to the Nature‚ÄĚ

Our brand is aiming the market for Resort/Cruise wardrobes. The time goes by, the more money people can earn, the more time people spend for vacations. Nowadays, people tend to consider vacation and free time for leisure as a more important thing. People started to look at the quality of life. Therefore, we want to make our brands for people who need to wear more relax but glamorous and sophisticated outfits. It might be female 24-35 age-group that has relatively more deposable money and seeks fashionable resort wears.

Our identity is on the Nature. Designs are inspired by nature. And designs are for the people going to the Nature.

Furthermore, the vision of this brand is going forward to the total brand for resort wears. Therefore, we are looking forward to launch the jewelry and accessories line.


Target : Sophisticated 24-35 female ( I can’t decide the ethnicity of target. African Americans are ranked at the fastest growing up group. And Asian Americans had the top rank in terms of the amount of disposable income. Caucasian Americans have been familiar to spend resort and cruise time for a long time. So.. either group is fine. But I prefer to just go with all over the ethnicities. )

Products : Dress, Pants, Romper, Shorts, Necklace and etc

Priceline : $150-$250


This is mood boards of our expecting target. 

we expect people who are like the below board to come in our store. 

They professionally work in working place. They have sophisticating sense of fashion too.


So they want to go vacation with this image.