April 22nd


I was working on Naming for our brand.

And we have some of names in our minds

Via Jante means a traveler in Spanish

Con Grazia means With Grace in Itailian

and we are thinking of naming as Jet

Jet has a sense of flying to somewhere and Jet is the name of our desinger Keyana Jerter.

and I attached a pdf file of naming designs.


And this is a map of positioning. 

We are going to make feminine, sexy and luxurious resort wear brand. 

brand positioning



April 17th

Market Environment

  1. Social Environment

–       the importance of cultural, leisure and vacation is increasing

–       ‘Trading UP’ Trend ; Increasing the number of a product, improving its quality, or backing it with a superior level of service to justify a higher price.

“Middle-market consumers have more discretionary income than ever before and are willing to pay extra for “new luxury” goods and services-items that deliver higher quality, technical advantages, and superior performance to conventional products. Above all, consumers are looking for emotional engagement- they look to products to help them manage the stresses of everyday life”

2. Technological Environment

–       Social Network

Facebook : 5.5billon people joined, 1.5million postings a day.

Tweeter : 1.5billion users, 2.5 accounts made a day, 50 million tweets a day.

You tube : The second largest search engine following Google.

3. Political Environment

–       The importance of corporate social responsibility gets increasing

–       Smart consumers are increasing : who concern about company’s morality and fair trade.

4. Economical Environment

–       Resort wear market is getting bigger

–       More prestige brands and designers are launching Resort line and Collection ( Marc Jacobs, Channel, Isabel marant etc)

–       Women’s income is increasing

“The rise of a new emerging market, one that may end up being the largest and most powerful of all is women. Women are now poised to drive the post-recession world economy, thanks to an estimated $5 trillion in new female-earned income that will be coming on line over the next five years. Worldwide, total income for men ($23.4 trillion) is still more than double that for women ($10.5 trillion), but the gap is poised to shrink significantly because the vast majority of new income growth over the next few years will go to women, due to a narrowing wage gap and rising female employment. That means women will be the ones driving the shopping” – Research from the Boston Consulting Group,

* Target segmentation

–       American middle market with more disposable income than ever.

–       People who take shopping tips from Oprah and Martha, swear their washing machine makes them happy, and dine at “fast casual” restaurants instead of burger chains.

This pdf file is the segmentation of target

segmentation pdf