ART386 Computer in Textiles

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Exclusive hand-woven artist/designer.

Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

Awarded a commission by The Worshipful Company of Weavers and the Victoria & Albert Museum for a large scale Wall Hanging (2010). This art work is based on the concept of X-Ray Fabric© and currently installed at Saddlers’ House (London). It will join the permanent collection of the V&A in 2013.


Her main concept is “X-ray Fabric

It is based on this title

“To make an invisible world visible”

The story behind this concept is started with a question `What if I could x-ray woven fabrics?’

As you know, weaving is about going ‘over/under’ of two threads. So, warp yarns are basically hidden by fill yarns and fill yarns are also covered by warps. She was curious about this idea.

So, she made translucent woven fabrics with intricate details by applying a unique weave technique to the materials and using a mix of different yarns for the creation. And this is why I picked her as a designer presentation.

Observing the designs we can truly see inside of the material as if we were examining x-ray films. Layers and structures which are concealed in regular fabrics are visible in X-Ray Fabric©.



We can also see the warp as the skeleton of the fabric and the weft as the muscles.

This is the x-ray of her fabric


X-Ray Fabric© appears ethereal when natural or artificial light travels through its structure.

The material reaches another level and seems like its medium changed into the illusion of crystals woven up, or ice.

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An X-Ray Fabric© art work looks different in the light of dawn or dusk as well as when light and shadows are projected onto its surface. Using LED lights or ordinary light bulbs we can achieve countless stunning results.


So,  X-Ray Fabric© looks striking when installed as lit-up panels, space dividers, decorative screens, light boxes, window treatments such as roller panels.

And she also makes limited-edition or one-off collectible design and art pieces such as unique textured wall hangings and coverings, as well as objects such as candle holder & vases.

We have been having a woven fabric for a very long time. And it is one of the most common fabrics. So I sometimes thought woven fabric is a kind of boring textile.  But  researching Rita Parniczky gave me a refreshing chance to experience about new interesting woven fabric.