This is Dami Kim some of you know, i am an exchange student from Korea.
I’m really glad that i got this chance to work with you guys.
To say about my interests, i’m interested in brand managing, licensing and quality control. I’d like to develop ideas or concepts. And i think.. I’m good at organizing ideas and make them look good.?!. Haha
Of course i have an issue that English is not my first language. So maybe there will be hardships to express my idea. But.. I CAN THINK and share my ideas. And you guys can help me with making a proper and grammatically correct sentence. 😀
The benefit of having me is i guess i can reach further information. I can search something through Korean websites and Korea is doing pretty well in information technology.
So.. Trust me i will bring something new. and I can deal with computer programs pretty well.
And i might have not that a lot of networks than you guys since i am not from here. But this is LA where 2,430,000 Korean people live. I am involved in a very strong ethnic community instead. 😀
There are some my recent works.
It is my portfolio or fashion merchandising and brand developing strategy class. I made second brand of exclusive high end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. It is in Korean but just look at how i organize it. In the naming part, I made its slogan as “stay extraordinary”. I meant younger consumers can stay extraordinary with wearing second brand of agent Provocateur which has lower price line so people can relatively easily buy. Do you know? That is a slogan of diet coke. But Korean people don’t know about that. So i just put it in and it made sense. Tada~
This is my crochet work l got inspired by lee suja’s work. So i made a sack of nostalgia. I can crochet pretty fast.
And this is how I accomplished my final project of Art 202.
I felted a rainbow bouquet of roses which has the meaning of supporting homosexual community
Next is how i rebranded Timberland as an Eco-Friendly brand from ART 382 last quarter.
I remade from logos to its bricks-and-mortar
I thinks that’s all I can show you.
I hope i represented about me well. 🙂
I am really excited to join you and work together.

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