Project2-visual planning

Theme : Green Story Timberland
I intend to make a flagship store of Timberland that the store exaggerates its own brand’s identity. As Timberland’s rebranded concept, I want to spread the Eco-friendly idea to the entire its flagship store and the environment. There is a museum for Green tea company in my area back in Korea (I attached the photo of it) when I visited there I got very impressed. The company just appealed their brand image by showing people their green garden and green tea farms. And one more place I was impressed is Camp in Costa Mesa. It is organized by some trees and gardens. It was telling people their forest-like image. So people would think they are in camping. Therefore, I would like to make Timberland’s flagship store have green story which will make people think about its ecological image.
In addition, I want to make a place where can give people some idea of what Timberland is doing for the planet. So I wish I could make a gallery and café in Second floor so that people can have some coffee and look around the efforts of Timberland toward to the nature. Indeed, the famous selected shop Corso Como, started from Italy, has a café in its store. That attracts more people to the store and makes people consider the place as a multi-functional place that will attract more and more people in the future.



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