Reading 3


          It was very interesting to read the material about the correlation between Art, Fashion and Architecture. As the intro of this material stated, Fashion and Architecture are not just for wearing and living anymore. The article talks about the advent of design style that borders between functionality and art. That the things we wear and see every day can and should have an emotional impact on us.

However, I cannot totally agree with the idea that Fashion is some form of Art. Fashion, of course, has many contributing factors that one can characterize as Art. For instance, Fashion designers utilize an assortment of colors in their pieces making them appear to be very close to artist in that respect. Much like Fauvism artists brought colors to express their emotions or concepts. Some designers even use colors as a sort of calling card or signature, Red for Versace and Dark brown for Jean Paul Gautier as same as the King of the color for Matisse and Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red for Mondrian. But, I highly want to think about the definition of Fashion. Nystrom said “Fashion is a style which is selected by many people at any given time.” Although many Fashion Designers create shows that can showcase their identities and ideas as same as artists, it is not a prevailing thing for many people. In addition, I want to bring in what Alber Elbaz, the Creative Director of LANVIN, said “It has to be something that is maybe the essence of design, because fashion design has some sort of art in it and creation, but it’s also some object that you have to use.” Nobody is willing to use Hussein Chalayan’s Light Emitting Diode Dress, which can be said to be challenging.

           However, we are living in the era of collaborations. So, I hope Fashion also merges into Art and people can participate in Art simply by wearing something. Fashion is the closest and most friendly artistic thing. I was really impressed the last sentence. “It is totally interdisciplinary”




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