Reading Response

It is about a correlation between fabrics and society or culture. The three artists demonstrate meanings of certain fabrics. Yinka viewed batik and clothing as a symbol of social status. And he used batik fabric to show his idea about ethnicity and cultural identity. Secondly, J. Morgan Puett got ideas from ordinary things to extraordinary things by adding individual garments to multiple different garments. Last, Kimsooja made a link history and memory with fabric which is called ‘Bottari’. I really want to talk about her art. ‘Bottari’ is really common thing but cannot notice that it even exists around my life. And I got very impressed. Because I just got that ‘Bottari’ can bring a lot of feelings to Koreans and it is has a really complicating meaning. ‘Bottari’ is basically a convenient thing just like a bag of Western culture. However, as she went through Korean War, it could be a sad thing since she had to pack everything into ‘bottari’ to seek refuge. It is like Korean’s Sorrow, so it is deeply set in my mind. In addition, I think it is also a sort of sad thing about Koreans until now. We are still packing ‘Bottari’ to study or work abroad for making our lives and country better by learning many things of developing countries. And, so am I! I came here with my ‘Bottari’ to learn a lot.


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