1. What is your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is RED.

When I look at red color, it gives me obvious and strong impression.

And I want to be a strong and passionate person just like Red color. So I like the color!

Please look at the below picture. It’s strong but pretty.


2. What store do you like to shop in? why?

I would like to go to big shopping malls for shopping. For example, American in Glendale or Grove in LA. Because I can go many other stores in one place.

As you can see, There are a lot of stores in Americana. And also, if I go to Americana I can also go to Gledale Galleria. Galleria has not only many stores, but also many big fashion retailers as Nordstrom and Macy’s.



At last, the Grove and Americana are managed by Caruso Affiliated Group. I am really interested in watching their beautiful retail complexes.


If you go to the website below, you can see what they made. The careers of this group is so impressive.


3. What Music do you listen to? What do you like about?

I really like watching Musicals. So I usually listen to the Original Sound Track of famous Musicals. For example, Musical CATS or Mamma Mia.

When I listen to it, I can feel the passion of performers. And when I was younger I really wanted to be a musical actress. So listening to songs for Musical makes me very amused.

Please try to feel it.



4. Who is your favorite Fashion Designer? Why?

My favorite Fashion Designer is Alber Elbaz.


Alber Elbaz is the creative director of Lanvin, one of the world’s most revered fashion houses. Since his take-over in 2001, Elbaz has made the label one of the most coverable in the industry, fusing its rich heritage with his own unique twist.

And I think he knows how and what makes women’s body more beautiful. Before I learn Fashion, Ready to wear collection was so weird. In my view, it is too fashionable and artistic to wear. BUT, Alber’s creations were different. They were so beautiful and if I can afford it, I would like to buy it. So I am following him!

Check out LANVIN’s 2010 S/S Collection


And more interesting thing about him is his saying. After I learned about Fashion, I could notice that Alber’s projects are really commercial. But, he replied like this.

“I think that for me commercial is not a bad word. Commercial is not the word that has to be said only by CEO’s. It has to be something that is maybe the essence of design, because design has some sort of art in it and creation, but it’s also some object that you have to use. There is also this pragmatic end to it.”

5. What clothing Brand to you follow or like? Why?

I do not really have favorite brand. Once I feel something is pretty and looks good on me, I buy it.

There is no certain brand for me to buy and wear but there is certain brands I am interested in.

Those are Hermes and Chanel.

The reason why I am interested in is that they are prestige and heritage brands. There are a lot of upcoming fashionable brands. For instance, H&M and Zara, they are making brand new designed clothes and even they are cheap. However, they do not have history which will make people admire and go to be valuable. The time goes by, people like something rare and special. And people tend to follow somewhat has historical meanings that new comers of Fashion industry, SPA brands or promising designer’s brands, are never going to have or catch up. Therefore, Hermes and Chanel can call high price to customers. People buy their history and their values. So I want to keep watching the tracks of Hermes and Chanel.


6. Describe an image what would be YOUR brand.

The image of my brand I am thinking about is a star. My favorite adjective is ‘Twinkle’. I hope my life will be twinkle, shiny and bright. And I wish that the day  my customers wear my products, it could bring them a twinkle shiny day. So, my brand symbol would be a star. I don’t have a certain shape of the symbol. But there are some star images refer to.


Thank you! 🙂


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